I live on a houseboat on the Willamette channel in Oregon. I enjoy kayaking. The first time I felt a motorcycle zoom by through my feet in the pedals of my kayak I was startled. Recently, I was amazed that I could feel a small plane through the petals in my kayak. I wonder how much fish feel all the disturbances we create? Their fins are such thin membranes, do fins act like whiskers on a cat? Do these vibrations hurt? Can they tell what direction a disturbance comes from? Is it the outdoor equivalent of tapping on an aquarium? I've heard that fish that aren't hungry will bite at flashy lures when a boat goes by because it makes them angry? I know you can't tell me what it's like to be a wild fish, dealing with all of our noise... but any insights are really appreciated. Thank you.

yes fish can detect vibrations well. see: