My previous question was deleted. You said you do not answer "homework". It wasn't homework!  I'm studying for a biology competition and I can't find this problem anywhere on the internet (or wikipedia as you said).
This is both mathematical and biology problem and I can't figure it out! Just looking for a formula or something, you don't need to give me the final number.
In how many ways a protein fragment pro-lys-his-val-tyr can be coded in the genes?
so don't think I didn't think about it and just want an answer online. these amino acids can be coded by 14 codons. I tried using a math formula for combinations, but it doesn't work. Answer says 128, but I can't figure it out.
Please help!

http://biology.kenyon.edu/courses/biol1 … 5/code.gif

take the number of possible codons for each amino acid and multiply them together - total 128.