Is a thymus essential in the production of EBV antibodies? I know that it's a must for any specific immune response since it's the organ where LT4s become mature and able to give interleukin to LBs so that they can become placmocytes and eventually produce the antibodies.. But in this final test I had there's this experiment where mice born without thymus were able to produce EBV antibodies a week after the injection of EBV virus.. Our professor told us that the thymus was not essential in the humoral immune response pathway and the production of antibodies, I was wondering wether or not that was possible and if EBV was a particular virus in that aspect

EBV is able to induce a T-cell independent immunoglobulin response by B cells, i.e., antibodies can be made to some EBV-encoded proteins without T-cell involvement. Another example of a T-cell independent antigen would be bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), and if you search on google for 'T-cell independent antibody responses to viruses' you will come up with other examples.

That does not mean that EBV can't infect T-cells, or that there no T-cell responses to EBV infection.