First off thanks for reading

I m 19 yrs old boy and i love nature and wildlife very much

I m here because i m confused about choosing my career because i stutter ,

I want to work outdoors alone in nature or with just few people , doing research etc etc .

I always dreaming of working in that field ..  I took speech therapy classes but it didn't work for me because of this i m living so unhappy and i don't want to live a miserable life : /

I m not desiring to marry  ,  i can work out of my home for long periods of time with no problem ..
Please suggest me career which don't require alot of public speaking and i can get employed having no problem.
Thanks in advance

I note you previously asked the same question (see below). I don't think there is much else we can add other than to suggest you focus on doing well at University aim for a good degree in a biology field and then apply for jobs in the broad area of wildlife. You may feel very different about things in 3-4 years time and meanwhile don't give up hope! We wish you well with your career. … p?id=14821