I found this animal carcass at my local creek in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and am very curious as to what it is. I thought beaver at first glance but it doesn't have the same tail and the face looks different. It has paddle like "hands" but it's scull looks almost dog like. Anyway, you can see this from the picture and can probably tell me a lot more about it than I know. Also, I saw this same animal posted on this website by James C. In 2012 and the exact species wasn't identified but I wasn't sure if more information had been found since then.

If anyone would like to email me about it or has more questions my email is tiff.jones@rocketmail.com
Thank you.

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the "paddles" are the scapulae ie shoulder blades bones that are disarticulated. difficult to say more given the state of the decomposition but yes could be a dog.