I read recently, that famous back plates of Stegosaurus could move.
"The plates would naturally sag to the sides of the Stegosaurus, the length of the plates reflecting the width of the animal at that point along its spine" - Wikipedia

My questions:
- How widely believed is this view?
- Where can I see a picture of S. with back plates in sagging position? I kinda cannot imagine myself it.
- Were there muscles and muscle attachments for raising/lowering presumably quite heavy plates?


It used to be the case in the dinosaur books I read when I was young, that stegosaurs would be reconstructed with the plates in numerous poses, including vertical and horizontal.  Today, it's fairly accepted that the plates were vertical.  i believe there was some evidence for this, but please forgive me for not having a reference to hand.

I read the wikipedia sentence as saying they wouldn't be perfectly vertical, rather than the stegosaur actively moving them.  i don't think there's any evidence of muscle attachment points, though stegs aren't my forte.

As an example of 'sagging' plates, maybe this:  http://www.dinopark.cz/dinopark-plzen/k … us%203.jpg is a fair approximation (sort of)