Inside cell is protoplazm, protoplazm is protiens, protiens are amino acids, amino acids are chemicals with atoms, atom is energy.
In this chain where does LIFE MANIFEST first?. Is it at amino acids or at protiens? Since protiens can bend with guidance from RNA, can we say, protiens is where life manifests first?

Good question and very difficult to answer since it is almost impossible to come up with a clear and agreed definition of "life".

life is usually applied to the level of an organism (be it single or multicellular) which as you say are made up of cells, proteins, DNA etc!

so... in summary I would say life is manifest at the level of the cell but I am sure others will have different views.

While the cell is the universal unit of living things, I think of life as an emergent property of all of those things (cells, proteins, DNA, atoms etc etc), rather then an identifiable part. A cell can be both living and dead but remain recognisably a cell in both states.

There is a definition life which I think comes closest:
A system which causes a local reduction in entropy via a net increase in universal entropy. In other words, life is manifest at the system level where the system is capable of ordering itself and replicating that order by the consumption of energy, which descreases order elsewhere in the universe.