I am a student in year 10 currently forming a debate on whether creationism should be taught in schools as part of the science curriculum. Your views as an institute on this topic would be greatly appreciated in relation to Darwinism and evidence of evolution, whether creationism should be taught on the science syllabus or even at all and your personal views on this matter.

creationism or ID is not science it is a belief. It has no place in science teaching. If it is to be taught in schools (and my personal view is it should not be) then it should be restricted to religious studies.

I would add that creationists do sometimes argue that scientific data support their viewpoint, but virtually all of these arguments have been shown repeatedly to be wrong. People who persist in making them are either badly informed about the actual science (not necessarily through any fault of their own), or simply dishonest. The evidence against creationism is so overwhelming that teaching it in science class would be a bit like teaching that diseases are caused by curses and devils instead of viruses and bacteria, or that the sun orbits the Earth instead of vice-versa.

I don't think that students should ever be told that creationism is true, not even in a religious studies class. On the other hand, I think it's reasonable for students to learn ABOUT creationism, especially in classes that touch on the history of science. As late as the mid-1800s, there were still prominent biologists who believed in various forms of creationism, because the evidence in favour of evolution was not yet clear. Some of these scientists initially argued against Charles Darwin and other evolutionists, but the debate was quickly settled in favour of evolution. Students could be told something about this 19th century controversy in science classes, and history classes could also explore the reasons why creationism has survived to the present day as a popular belief. But in my opinion, students should never be exposed to creationist arguments without being told that are wrong.

Disclaimer: There are a few arcane variants of creationism that are not wrong so much as simply outside the domain of science. For example, some people have suggested that a deity either invented the laws of nature before the Big Bang, or created the universe in a state that made it look like it had a long previous history (e.g. with fossils already buried in the Earth's crust, and light already on its way to the Earth from distant stars). These viewpoints should not be taught as science either, because they're impossible to test in any scientific manner.