when i leave school i would like to go to university to learn to become a marine biologist. But what GCSE`s would i need to require to become a marine biologist? Also what is the difference between a phD and a digree... thanks Laura :D

Hi Laura,

To be any kind of biologist you really need to concentrate on science so you should take Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You must be able to write well and do maths so you should also try to do well in English and Maths too.

Once you have done your GCSEs the next stage is to get your A-levels. Biology is essential here, but again Physics, Chemistry and Maths are all very useful. Some universities require specific A-levels to do certain courses so try to have an idea of where you want to go and what qualifications are needed to study biology or marine biology at university.

Once at university you can work on getting a degree (3-4 years of study in the UK) and then afterwards you can work for a PhD (a doctorate of science). *Then* you can start work as a professional marine biologist! It takes a very long time and lots of work to become a scientist, but if you really want to, you can get there. Work hard and keep trying and good luck!