I was recently camping with some friends in the Adirondacks of NY and one of them had a bug on his jacket. None of us saw the bug arrive, so we don't know if dropped or flew there. This bug was light brown, with 6 legs, looked EXACTLY like a tick, but it had 2 white wings, attached in the top half of its little round body. The wings were an probably clear, but looked almost white. It had a VERY tiny head and its legs were kinda chunky, much like a ticks. It was, legs and all, about the size of a finger nail (NOT a thumb nail), and when it moved, it walked just like a tick. I flicked it off of my friend but it didn't fly away, so one of us picked it up and attempted to smash it. Its body was hard, and he had to crush between his finger nails just like a tick. This whole time, the thing could have flown away, but it didn't. Is there such a thing as a tick with wings? I don't really think this thing could fly, but maybe it could have. Also, don't tell me it was a Hippoboscid fly because those things have hair, and look like a fly. Any info would be appreciated, since I have looked all over the internet, and can't find a thing.

I know you said not to say it but...are you totally sure it wasn't some kind of Hippoboscid?

I don't know my N American insects at all but I can tell you that some of our sheep keds in the UK aren't  hairy at all and do look a lot like ticks. I know there are various species of deer keds in that area.  Maybe this site will help -

http://entnemdept.ifas.ufl.edu/creature … er_ked.htm