I'm really interested in carcinology, the study of crustaceans. I have no idea what kind of animal is this.
I think I have to study about this in the future but I don't know what subject do I have to major.
I've try to find carcinology in Internet for a month but I couldn't find these in any university.
Is this study a branch of biological oceanalogy? How can I find a university that have biological oceanology?

Carcinology is literally "the study of crabs". Crustaceans are lobsters, crabs, shrimp, barnacles etc.

It might be worth trying a book rather than just the internet. There are lots in libraries, and many will be about the seaside and the animals that live there.

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Hi, Jason.  Yes, carcinology is a branch of biology -- not necessarily oceanography, since there are also terrestrial crustaceans such as woodlice.  So biology is the subject to concentrate on.  Other sciences, particularly chemistry, are likely to come in useful, and maths is useful in pretty much every field.

You ought to have people at your school who can give you guidance that is more relevant to your own situation.  Talk to your biology teacher for starters: he or she should be able to point you in the right direction.