What family of receptors are present in plants but not in animals?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jaer

This is an interesting question! Perhaps surprisingly plants have a number of receptors resembling neurotransmitter receptors in animals (e.g., acetylcholine receptors - atropine, the acetylcholine receptor blocker, comes from plants; glutamate receptors). Plants also have immune receptors that have some structural similarity to 'equivalent' receptors in animals. As far as I am aware animals do not have receptors for plant hormones such as auxins (a growth hormone that Charles Darwin was interested in), gibberellins (signalling molecules) and jasmonates (more growth hormones). Quite possibly there are other receptors as well! There is also the question of when do you call a receptor in a plant the same as a receptor in an animal - how much DNA or protein identity should there be? It would be difficult to compare 'function'....in most cases!!

Please see the following for more info:
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