I have two questions please,

the first is go sharkes attack women more than men?
and the second which relates to the first.

second question is when a women has a period dose this attrack the sharks?

many thanks

i hope you can answer these questions for me

kind regards

gilly crow

Men are about 5 times more likely to be involved in a shark attack than women (in the last 15 years, before that they were 50 times more likely to be attacked than a woman). This may represent a bias in the number of male divers compared to women divers, but larger divers are also more likely to be attacked - in fact 50% of shark attacks have been on people between 5'10" and 6' 2" (although this may just mean that taller people, particularly men, dive more in shark infested waters).

I would guess that female divers would generally avoid diving when menstrating, particularly in shark infested waters and there are no statistics that I know of that have recorded the menstral state of a shark attack victim.

I hope this of use.

Although no study has been done on menstruating women, the finely tuned senses of a pelagic shark such as the great White (used as an example as it is the species most often associated with shark bites) can smell a drop of blood from over a kilometer away. In my eyes it is therefore quite logical to believe that sharks are more likely to be attracted to menstruating women but two points should be raised here. First is that enough of the womens blood would have to be free to reach the outside of the body which is unlikely unless she is in heavy flow and has insufficient 'protection' (too light a tampon for example). Secondly, just because the shark is attracted to the female does NOT mean automatically that it will attempt a bite. It depends entirely upon whether the shark thinks that the women has a high enough nutritional value to be worth eating which in fact- humans do not. It is uncertain as to what provokes a shark to bite a human though there are many theories. 1) They mistake the human for it's normal prey- it is thought that to a shark a man/woman on a surfboard may look like a seal from below. 2) Sharks do not have hands with which to investigate an object. The sea is the sharks home, they are both territorial and curious. If a foreign object, such as a human, is in its home it is very possible that the shark bites to found out what the human is (some of the sharks most sensitive receptors are in the roof of its mouth) or that it is being territorial. Unfortunately for humans- they are not built to cope with even a gentle investigatory bite from a 4-5 m shark. 3) it may just be a case of 'fair game'. Every human ever bitten by a shark in the wild has been in the sharks natural environment. Humans are not aquatic, we are terrestrial. If we invade the sharks home- why shouldn't they think of us as prey?