I'm kindve a young guy and want to develop my knowledge of nature and want to shadow or observe a wildlife biologist or nature specialist of some sort. I was wondering how to ask permission to do this and also where to ask.

You don't say where in the world you are, but my suggestion would be to contact a local conservation organisation (either a charity/NGO one) or your local government agency responsible for conservation (e.g., fish and wildlife, environmnet agency, national park service). If they don't have opportunities for you themselves they may well be able to direct you to someone who will. You could also try any local zoos or wildlife parks. Often zoos have volunteer programs and even internships (sometimes even paid!).  

Good luck!

At least in the UK, most conservation organisations are always looking for volunteers - the RSPB run a voluntary wardening scheme that I can thoroughly recommend, and other organisations such as the Wildlife Trusts will run conservation work days for volunteers at least one day a week, but may well be open to suggestions of more - I spent 3 years volunteering for my local wildlife trust during the school holidays, and then my gap year as a voluntary warden for the RSPB