Hi, My name is Kortney and I want to Be a biologist but I'm not sure on what kinds of feilds there are out there and what I will be doing as a Biologist!? So I was hoping I could get some help from you!

Biology is a hugely diverse field Kortney, there really isn't space here to go into any detail about the possibilities! There are a few broad areas that you might want to think about, and as you study more I am sure you will begin to find that some areas interest you more than others. The broad categories include:
Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Evolutionary biology, Genetics, Behavioural ecology, Population ecology, Conservation biology, Palaeobiology, Parasitology, Taxonomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Botany, Agricultural sciences.......

The list goes on and on.

The thing to remember is that there are lots of possibilities!

And don't forget the cross application of other fields to biology (and vice versa).

Engineering, mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, chemistry, robotics, geology, politics and philosophy all have important parts to play in modern biology.

Hi Kortney,

As Paolo and David have pointed out, there is so much diversity to the work we do.  The 'About Us' link on this webpage has some helpful descriptions of just some of the options.  It's great that you enjoy biology - if you keep your biology interests broad and enjoy studying a few different courses, you'll soon find your preferences of fields that interest you most.  Ask yourself whether it's plants, humans, animals or fossils that engage you - or maybe you'd like to work in either conservation or medicine, or one of David's suggestions.  And best of all, many biology fields overlap - so you may move around in your career as it develops with time and experience.

Best of luck!