In the field of biology, what kind of assistance does a biologist need. Like does he need lab tech?  What are the educational requirements and how much does a biologist make a year?

Well it depends what reseach you are doing. As a palaeontologist I have worked with preparators (to get fossil out of the rock), curators (who look after the fossils in museums), photographers, artists, research assistants (to help in the lab) and secretaries to handle the administration and manage the accounts. In the field you can need drivers, guides, and cooks as well as 'diggers'.

Obviously if you work on sequencing DNA you may need a great many lab assistants and technicians, if you are doing something like modelling bones in 3D you might just need a computer - it varies enormously.

As for the salaries, in short, we don't do it for the money! But there is a far more extensive discussion here: … php?id=166