I had a 3"+ long insect with a black and yellow head and black legs and the body was a very bright yellow with @ 3 or 4 very thin black stripes and no fuzz.  Now the wings were a burnt orange colour but dull not bright.  What was this insect?? To think I had that insect in my apartment all night and didn't even know it flew quitely.  Was on the window in the morning.  The shape was like a cigar but thinner.

Sorry no photo but I can draw a pic if you really need one..

One of our contributors may have an idea based on your description but I'm afraid it is usually impossible to even attempt insect IDs without a photo.

Please do post again if you find another one and can grab a camera to snap it. We also need to know where you are though since different species obviously occur in different places and we get questions posted from all over the world.

It is also helpful to know where on the planet you are, and when the observation was made