What kind of flavour and mouthfeel do slime molds have? I have read that dog vomit slime mold, Fuligo septica, was used as a food source by some Native Americans.

While slime molds aren't commonly eaten, there are some historical references that elude to them being eaten. For instance, there are records from ancient China dating back to the times of the First Emperor that depict 'meat-like' clumps being dug out of the ground. These are thought to be one of the life-cycle stages of a slime mold. More recently, a 25.5 kg 'meat-like' mass was discovered in 1992 from Shaanxi, China, and apparently was tasted. The taster is quoted as remarking, "When raw, has the fragrance resembling that of a rose, and when cooked, has the texture of meat".