I'm currently applying to study biomedical Science at university in hopes of becoming a research scientist. Looking at the modules and how some of the biomed courses are taught has limited the unis I don't think I would enjoy the course. I have also been looking as Medical Science courses and a course for Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at Nottingham which I have found to be very interesting.
My problem is that I have already written and pretty much finalised my personal statement to exactly how I want it and it focuses very much of biomedical science and the words 'biomedical science' appear a lot throughout it, can I apply for Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine when I have mentioned Biomedical Science so much throughout the personal statement and no biochemistry of molecular medicine? Nottingham lists the course under the Biomedical Science section......

Also apparently Medical Science apparently doesn't focus much on physiology, anatomy and pharmacology all of which I'm very interested in but does involve a lot of immunology, genetics and biochemistry which I also enjoy.

Essentially I want to do research so not really focusing on whether the course is IBMS accredited I just want to do a course I will enjoy and will be the best for research purposes (cancer research or gene therapy preferably).

I wouldn't get too hung up on which undergrad degree you do (biomed sci, biochem, molec med are all fine). In terms of getting on to a good PhD programme which you will need for a career in research what counts FAR more is the final grade and from which university. My strong advice is aim to get onto a degree course at one of the Russell group of research intensive universities and work hard and aim for a first.

As to your personal statement if you add an "s" to biomedical science that makes it more generic and thus includes the other courses you are interested in.

Good luck with the applications!

Do look out for modules you think you may enjoy but don't limit yourself too much because you'll find that your interests may change over the course of your degree program.