can toast melt?
only becuase all the individual element In toast can melt (surely becuase every element can be a gas, liquid or solid)
therefore technically toast can melt.
(in a way) as all the components of it can melt.
but thats just our thoery. would it actually work?
is it PHYSICALLY possible for us to melt toast?
obviously not in a toaster. but supposing we had the equipment you would need to get the toast to the particular temperature.
can it melt?
if it cant, why not.
and if it can, is there anything that cant melt?

Hi Ellie, interesting question!

Toast is composed of molecules with quite complex structures, so the energy required to melt the toast would break the bonds in such a way as to change the toast into something different before it could melt. The components of the toast would seperate and the simpler molecules (like CO2) would probably enter the gas phase without passing through a liquid phase.

I think.