is there a type where you can travel the world and help endangered plants and animals

Dear Ariel,

If you look at our 'Not Just A Labcoat' section or if you follow this link; … ation.html

I think that you might be able to see that there are jobs that help endangered plants and animals.  However, you don't need to travel the world to do this.  Education is vital , and being a good teacher, or communicator, can explain problems, such as global warming (which is causing real problems for animals and plants today) to people.

So helping endangered species, could start at home today.  There has been a real movement in the last few weeks in th UK to reduce the numbers of plastic bags we have, because they never break up when they are thrown away.  Somehow, plastic bags, bottles, and 'strapping' is being washed up all over the world on beaches.  This is having an effect on wildlife, and so after a TV program was on British tv, showing plastic bags washed up on Hawaiian Islands, and damaging the ecosystem, and choking turtles, and such like, the town, from where the woman presenting the program came, in the UK  stopped giving out plastic bags, almost overnight, and the trend is spreading.  Education can save animals and plants as surely as anything else.