Hello, I was wandering through the park yesterday and my friend and I were looking at different plants. There were some we couldn't identify. So I was wondering if anyone could help identify this plant please?

Note: From his IP address Hami appears to be based in Canada

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There isn't really enough information in your photograph to provide an identification. Plants are classified on the basis of flower morphology, fruit type, leaf arrangement and so on, but in your image it is hard to make out any of the diagnostic characters.  If you could provide a location that would help narrow things down, then is it a tree seedling or a shrub or a vine or a herb?  The image suggests a leaf with three leaflets, and that arrangement plus the venation and toothed leaf edge make it look like a bramble (Rubus) or something similar in the Rosaceae family, but I really can't be sure without some more information.