Would all or any of the critically endangered large mammal species be able to recover if the human race died out?

If we all dropped dead right now would animals like giant pandas or Sumatran rhinos be able to recover eventually or would they still die out at this point?

Who can say - it is a hypothetical scenario and there will be no one right/wrong answer. I think it likely that SOME endangered species might recover without man's influence, others may be past the point of no-return.

I think a good few would do quite well. Things like whales have bounced back quite effectively as soon as hunting stopped so there;s no reason tot hink that if we aleviated various human pressuresd on them they wouldn't continue to improve. As David says, others might be byond the point of no return (not that they cannot be saved, but that it would requite human intervention to save them, so without us helping they might be doomed). Things like Sumatran rhinos are so rare and so scattered that a single disease or bad year with a few accidents might leave them with only a few animals so far apaprt they wouldn't be able to find each other and breed.

On balance I think an awful lot would do pretty well, but sadly not all.