I wanted to ask what relations do birds have iwth other species that is similar to the relation that plants and insects have with each other? Like how a bee spreads pollen, or how some ants protect the trees they live in.

I am asking this question because I created an idea of a futuristic world where insects and some plants have evolved together into one species. This mix would allow the plants to move, and grant a hive like brain to each creature, much like how our brains are connected by neruons, but in this case they would be connected by lot's of ant like creatures that share thoughts, but can also process something while another "ant" in the brain is doing another process. Each one of these creatures would be able to adapt their physical structures, by growing in certain areas like a tree, but then insect like creatures would add a layer of eggs that would grow into interconnected slugs, these slugs would work as the muscles for the creature. Then finally for the outer part there would be an exoskeleton

I would like to create a similar mix of species, but with birds, but I am not entirely sure what species to mix them with, or if there even is a species that could fit the job.

The relationship that you are describing is called commensalism. Read more about it here:


There are other discussions on this website about it too:

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