hi i got some fish and wanted them to have babies but i cant tell if they are a girl or boy! it's a catastrophe. how can i tell if they are a girl or boy and then how can i get them to make love and have babies together. do they need a certain temperature of water etc.? Thanks! x

Most fish do have males and females. Some are easy to tell apart form just looking at their outward appearance (e.g. sharks) but others are hard (e.g. goldfish) and others are basically impossible.

Similair, some fish breed very readily no matter the conditions and others require some very specific signals (tank size, certain plants, temperature or pH, time of the year etc.).

If you tell us what fish we might be able to help.

Even if you do have male and female fish in your tank, and the temperature, lighting and habitat are conducive to breeding, your fish will most likely eat any eggs laid.  You would need to introduce a suitable substrate to the tank for females to lay eggs on, and then remove it to another tank to allow any eggs to hatch and the fry to get big enough to survive without being eaten by their parents.  Your pet shop should be able to advise?

If you have goldfish - and you are keeping them in a tank - then this site might give you some useful advice.

http://shoal.in/wiki/2010/12/breeding-g … -aquarium/

If you have a different type of fish then your first job is to find out what, then google the species name for loads of info on sexing and breeding your pets.