I apologize if I am in the wrong place, but I am looking for some insight that I cannot seem to find elsewhere. I am a bird breeder, and it costs a fortune to get all my birds sexed. I am trying to find information on trying to do it myself. I understand that I need a pcr machine, and that the machine replicates strands of DNA. I am not educated in this subject and I have a few questions.
How do you choose which part of the DNA is replicated? I am only looking to see the sex chromosomes.
Also, I understand what the machine does, however once the process is complete, how do you view the DNA to determine the sex? Does the machine show the results, or do you have to transfer the DNA to another piece of equiptment?
I would like to know what I'm getting into before purchasing a machine. I could probably figure out more if I had a machine to "play" with, however I am not buying one until I know if this is possible or not.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry but this is just not possble in your own home/work place.

It is not just a PCR machione you need but a complete molecular biology lab/setup - total cost probably close to 10,000 USD. Then on top of that are complex and expensive reagents. Even if you had all of that designing a PCR in terms of primers and then executing it and then the gel to view the results would take at least a year to learn from an expert lab.