I am writing a poem and I would like to include a raven flying at nigh in the forest. Ravens live in the area I am writing about but is it conceivable that they would fly at night?
Thanks for your help!

Conceivable? Certainly. Probable? No!

However, light pollution or certain agitators may increase the probability that they would fly but as a general rule of thumb, nocturnal activity is unlikely in all diurnal birds.

On a clear night with a full moon and especially if there is snow on the ground to reflect light I think they might be willing to fly about a bit.

When I am in the high mountains in Scotland and Ireland, ravens are often moving early in the morning. Other corvids like rooks and jackdaws often head back to their roosts in groups after sundown but before full darkness but I'm not aware of ever having seen one flying at night.

I wouldn't feel the need to be overly constrained by the science in your poem, given the rich mythological and literary associations of the raven.

'Star Wars' is better for laser noises in a vacuum:)

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