I have heard that humans lack a penis bone and the word "rib" could be a euphemism for that.  Do other primates have one?  Do many other animals we regularly have contact with?  Which?  Do you think that the penis bone could be "Adam's rib"?

someone is having you on -  there is no such thing as a penis bone! In mammals the organ is soft until it becomes engorged with blood  - hence the terms "stiffy" or a "boner".

Not so, sir!  The baculum (penis bone) is found in most mammals, though it's absent in humans, horses, hyaenas and marsupials.  In particular, both gorillas and chimps have it.  Strange but true.

well I never - I sit corrected! Having said that I do not think that the absence of a penis bone could be "Adam's rib" in humans.

The strange thing is that we don't have one...

Human anatomy was very poorly understood prior to the Renaissance; most of what was known was comparative - based on butchered animals or accounts of Roman philosophers examining wounds in gladiators. If most animals have a baculum but humans don't, it is quite possible that it was noticed historically, particularly with people's fascination with genitalia.

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