Wikipedia says that Triceratops may have been covered with bristles.  I found a copy of the referenced article, and came across this quote from Bob Bakker (second paragraph): … 0218311384

This surprised me, to say the least.  I've seen skin-impressions of Triceratops, and they're scales.  But here Dr. Bakker is saying they may have been covered in bristles?

Does anybody know anything about this (unpublished) find, or know any more about the bristles, or lack thereof, in Triceratops?

Thanks in advance,

There was an abstract from a conference some years ago on this describing ceratopsian skin referred to Triceratops with distinct nipple-like shapes on some sclaes, which implied something else came off from them. Coupled with the filaments seen on Psittacosaurus, this was presented as evidence for some bristles being on these animals. I'm not wholly convinced and much more importantly, to my knowldge, this has yet to be properly published / described. It's certainly plausible, but I was to see a formal, perr-reviewed description and comparison to other specimens and that has yet to appear.