Our garden has feeders that attract goldfinches, blue tits and great tits. They also attract wood pigeons, who cannot feed from the feeders directly and just eat whatever falls to the ground.

The small birds seem to eat very wastefully, throwing 2 seeds out of 3 to the ground, apparently on purpose. Are they just very picky, or could they be deliberately dropping seeds to encourage the pigeons, who might be keeping away other birds and rodents?

Anaa, you probably feed a seed mix? I do as well, and I also see a lot of "waste". But that's just the birds picking what they like best, and getting the rest out of the way. Kinda like a human at a huge buffet - you pick and choose.

We recently had an invasion of Siskins, and they left all the sunflower seeds and one other seed I do not know.
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Additionally, many birds pick seeds open with hard blows from their beaks. Great Tits do that, for example. When they do that at our bird feeder, many other seeds get thrown off the feeder because of the impact.