OK, trippy thing here and I don't tell stories well so please bare with me! :) Around 5am or so morning of my 32nd birthday I was on the freeway south bound from Grants Pass OR to Medford, a usual trip. Just before the Rogue River exit, this huge HUGE fast, low flying bird flew out from the passenger side and struck my car. Didn't cause any wreck or damage, though it scared me! I told lots of people about it and was kinda freaked out because I thought it could be a bad omen or God trying to punish me.  That was March 30th. Today is April 16th and I was making the same trip, same time of day just a little father south down the freeway and only this time I had someone else with me to see this flying thing. It flew out from the left side, went across the front and then alongside the passenger side of my car to where my passenger said she thought this thing was a person standing next to the car, though we were driving down the freeway fast so that was impossible. My first thought is that it is a white owl or something. What do you think?

Have a look at the owls in this bird guide - this is a popular bird identification guide to North American birds, so if you look for an owl-like bird in Oregon you get to this page, and can then look at pictures and descriptions or further refine the search by colour.

http://www.whatbird.com/birdexpert/Stat … xpert.aspx