I finally finished my other question and was just about to go to bed, but noticed a single hair on my arm that was more than twice the length of the rest of them, and was really healthy.. It took a few real tries to pull it out.
This has to be about the 10th time this has happened, and it just seems staggeringly random. I've had them on my arms, about four times on the exact same spot on my cheek ((I'm all but positive it was the very same hair)), and I think once or twice on my legs, and every time they seem to have grown within a matter of minutes.. But there's nothing else out of the ordinary, and I just can't figure it out... Is it a mutation in the hair particles? Is it like freckles, too much direct sunlight?
I find them pretty funny actually ((somehow)), but I'd like to be aware if it might mean something. ;|

Hi Kier,

This is completely benign and nothing to worry about.  Hair grows in cycles.  A period of growth in which new hair develops is followed by a period of rest in which the hair is lost.  In young rodents, the hair cycles are synchronised so that waves of hairs in the growth phase move over the body surface followed by periods of rest.  In humans, the growth occurs in a mosaic pattern, that is, it is not synchronised with the growth of neighbouring hairs. Occasionally the odd hair follicle has a prolonged growth phase and so grows longer.  I doubt very much, however, that they are actually growing within a matter of minutes!