Don't you think that it's a huge pity that funding can't be found to keep the educational Wildwalk attraction in Bristol open?

Very much so Steve. That is a real shame. The current members of AAB are about 1/3 current or ex Bristol and I know many of them love the place.  A number of us used to do demonstrations there about dinosaurs and palaeontology, and personally I always loved their history of plants section. All of the exhibits were clear and well laid out and the animals well looked after.

As somene who spends his spare time keeping tropical fish I have to say I though their marine aquarium was one of the best around. I am a big fan of zoos and many do incredibly important conservation work, but are often lacking on the education side of things which WildWalk was especially designed to do.

I am very sad to hear that the place cannot continue and I think it is a loss, not just for Bristol and the SW but for the Uk as a whole. If model projects like this that are exceptionally well put-together, I doubt other smaller centres can survive, or would find funding to start in the future. Like this site, the goal of WildWalk was education - get people interested and excited and really good things can happen. Sadly, thats one less organisation and one less place for people to come and learn about the life sciences.