On the beaches of SE Queensland we find clear jelly like short fat sausages about 10-15 cm long and curved, washed up on the shore at summertime. They have tiny splinter shaped flecks of brown through them in the thousands and it looks like an jelly egg capsule of some sort. Whatever the animal is it starts of its life very small. I was always told that it was a squid egg sack but I have looked up this topic and the egg sacks of the squid look a little different. Could you solve this for me please?

From your description I have to say it sounds to me like squid eggs too. Anything like these?

http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/answers … hp?id=4324

There is probably a reasonable amount of variation among species, plus ones that get washed up may have been battered around a bit and/or be partially decomposed, so they may not look exactly the same. If you are not convinced then do try and get a photo - that way we can give you a more informed verdict.

I think maybe Katies meant the 'sausage jellies' (try googling "Polinices eggs beach" for images)? These are apparently eggmasses laid by
predatory snails that live in the sand,
either the Conical Sand Snail, Polinices
or the Sordid Sand Snail, Polinices