what does a biologist do?

This has been asked before Carla, why not have a look at the link below and browse the site for some different answers

http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/punbb/v … php?id=620

Hi Carla, there are lots of types of things a biologist does (for examples see here http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/punbb/v … p?id=576).

The simplest way to understand what they do is to look at the name - bio means "life" and ology means "study of". Biology is the study of life.

Some of us study life in labs using chemicals and expensive equipment, some of us in the field with a notebook and sweepnet, whilst others sit in an office in front of a computer. I personally work in a museum, where we keep examples of organisms for people to study and learn from.

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