Why do female monkeys raised without mothers fail to mate and why do they abused and neglect their offspring that they have after they have been artificially inseminated?  Why don't they just have some inborn mothering and mating instincts that works automatically?

I assume you are referring to the work of Harlow (http://www.integratedsociopsychology.ne … hment.html)

His work concluded that infant monkeys had an innate need for contact comfort and thus is similar to humans. Primates (including humans) do have innate "mothering" instincts but these can be overridden by major and usually traumatic early life events. These events most likely alter brain structure and "wiring" if they occur at a time when the brain is still developing and plastic and cetrainly in humans such individuals are tramatised/dmamged for life and often have very poor social and parenting skills.