Hi, I am currently testing an experiment for my science expo coming up.
I would like to know it the strength of aromas can be measured using any kind of appliance or instrument??
Also, does the pH level of a substance being inhaled by a hamster or mouse, affect its behavior on an exercise wheel?
Thank you

As far as I know there is no equipment that comes even close to the precision and sensitivity of the mammalian nose.  People have tried various chromatography analyses and thus far have failed.

As to pH of a substance being inhaled by a rodent and its effect on behaviour – I think it is very likely that would have a significant effect, at least for some odours.

Hi Melody,

there are machines that can measure the strength of aromas, normally they can only identify one or two  particular molecules and they measure the strength of the smell by the number of molecules in a given quantity of air. The results are usually expressed in parts-per-million.

Recently there have been mobile phones that have incorporated such devices to detect bad breath and alcohol levels.

Bloodhounds and elephants are much better at smelling than machines, although machines generally smell much better than bloodhounds and elephants...