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I was looking at this year's winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year when I came across this excellent shot by Klaus Nigge.

When I looked a little more closely I noticed that every single flamingo is facing in the same direction. Does anyone know why they would do this? What is the survival advantage?

Thanks in advance for your ever-excellent response.


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I like alastair's previous answer in relation to seagulls doing the same thing:-

The direction they are facing could plausibly (just an idea) have been related to wind direction (e.g. reducing costs of staying warm, being better able to take off in case of danger).

They could well be simply moving from one location to another. Staying together is a key anti-predator defence, and if they need to return to the nest / move to a different feeding zone etc. they will all move in the same direction at the same time, much safer than going in dribs and drabs.