I was on holiday in Lanzarote and while swimming in the sea off Puerto del Carmen, I was bitten on the ankle. The bite is about 1.5 inches in diameter and one one side there are three ridges in semicircles and the other looks like scrape marks from teeth (maybe I pulled my leg away in time). The bite is fairly circular, but superficial, however, it did bleed quite a bit.

I'm really curious to know what might have done the damage, as to the best of my knowledge (and having spoken with divers and deep sea swimmers who are familiar with the waters in Lanzarote), this is a very unusual occurance and none of them had ever seen a similar bite mark. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I do have photos but they are htm and I can't upload them.




Hi Tara,
Sorry but I suspect this one is going to be impossible to answer beyond saying that it must have been some type of fish! Possibly some type of small shark with rasping teeth... but this is pure speculation.

Being bitten in the sea by anything is very unusual so I hope it hasn't put you off swimming