My name is Dave Simpson, I live in Kenya and run photographic safaris as a guide here. I would like to find out about bird reproduction. I will use an example to an Ostrich. The dominat female ostrich lays about 10 of her own eggs (48hours apart from one another) in a nest. Other females will contribute to the nest during this time, before the dominant breeding pair (male and female) starts to incubate the now 20 or so eggs.
The questions I have are as follows.
1. Does the dominant female mate 10 times to then produce 10 different eggs. ie - does she mate each time to produce an egg, the answer here is no - I assume.
2. We assume she mated once with the dominant male. Did she store his sperm and release one sperm cell with one of her egg cells to create a zygote which inturn became one of the eggs she laid, or did she get his sperm to fertilise all her eggs when she was mated and then store all these embios and release one at a time when ever she wanted to lay an egg. What we are talking about is Embrionic Diapause.
3. Yes I am using an Ostrich as an example here, do most birds follow the Ostrich fertilisation system. How long can a bird store sperm or arrest the delopment of an embrio.
I look forward to your answer.

Dave Simpson
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