I found this fossil on a hillside in Albarracin, Spain next to what appeared to my untrained eye to be quite a lot of fossils.

It looks to me like the tooth of a carnivorous animal, but obviously there's no root.

Everybody I show it to thinks it's a pebble stuck in a matrix!

I'd really appreciate an expert opinion.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm afraid from the single photo, I'd be inclined to agree with the pebble identification.  The texture on the inclusion is very grainy, and a tooth would [most likely] be a lot smoother.

Hi Ben,
                 I'm afraid I agree with Peter and all the other folks who have told you it is a pebble in matrix. Such misinterpretations are common enough and it is better to check and be wrong than miss something. I can see why your pattern recognition kicked in, though.

Palaeontologists call geological material that looks like a fossil a 'geofact'.

"Hope is a duty from which palaeontologists are exempt."
David Quammen