Hi, I live in fife Scotland and just a couple of days ago I was on my push bike.
It was 6 in the morn when I spotted a pure white pheasant, just my luck never had my phone to take video. Is this a rare sighting.
                                                   Ray glen.

They are not very common but do seem to crop up now and again - if you search for images with google you'll see quite lot.

I haven't been able to find out whether suppliers are deliberately producing and releasing white birds for supply to the shooting industry, or whether these are just popping up now and again by chance in naturalised birds. The genetic mechanism is probably a major mutation somewhere that is normally recessive to the wild type colouration but results in white birds in the homozygous state. If so it would be easy to select for white birds (just as we have done in chickens) - maybe they'd be easier to spot for the hunters?