Thanks for these comments. A further question:
Dr. Hone, you said that the pterosaur to bird idea "*has* been formally examined and tested and rejected".

Can you give me a link to that examination/testing/rejection, please?

That would be very helpful.

Well it's rarley been put into a phylogenetic analysis as the two are so far apart - we don't both testing synapsids with dinosaurs or birds with crocs for the same general reaons - there are dozens of characters that show they are not close relatives, and dozens more that put pterosaurs close to the base of dinosaurs, and birds as derived dinosaurs close to the dromaeosaurs.

Sterling Nesbitt's 2011 analysis for example showed loads of characters that put pterosaurs as sister-taxa to the dinosaruomorphs and his analysis included Velociraptor, consideredvery close by birds, and itself sharing a great number fo characters with them and they came out in the predicted places. However Renesto and Binelli in 2005 had an analysis that included both pterosaurs and birds and found no close relationship with them.