My lovely pair of Australian diamond doves have started to btheir their second nest because I removed the first (due to location). Now the diamond doves are building a new nest and they used a ring, necklace chains and other pieces of jewelry in their nest. I tried to find why birds take jewelry to their nests and found out about magpies also do this. So why do birdin bring jewelry to their nest?also, could it be a common find amongst birds in Australia if given the chance (like a common characteristic that's grown over time)?

I suppose it is possible that shiny objects may help with keeping other birds who may predate on the nest away due to the unexpected reflections.

Having just returned from the Canadian Rockies I was struck by some of the very elaborate osprey nests I saw with multiple ribbons and other pieces of cloth that were of varied colours. I suspect its a similar mechanism though the cause really isn't clear to me either.