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If it is a photo manipulation, it's a very good one. Unfortunately, the blog doesn't give any information about it. I did a reverse image search, but it had only one result with no information in that either.

I've been googling for things like 'pink flower concentric petal layers' but all the results are arts and crafts-related.

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I'm not as up on my flowers as I could be, so I can't say for certain whether this particular image is real or 'shopped.

However, I can say it's a Camillia, and given the forms of other plants
(e.g. … nica.jpg), it seems plausible that this is a real flower that has maybe been aggressively selected for by breeders.

A further googling has given me confidence that this is a real image (or at least if this particular image is a fake, it's a fake of a real thing).

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It is an extraordinary flower, but looking closely I would be inclined to agree that it is real. The petals are correctly spirally whirled and each one is different, so either, as Peter says, someone has spent a long time perfecting this or it is real.  Shame that the background is so poor though, I would have tried to position the flower to be in a much more sensitive light - I suspect that photoshop has been employed to overcome the effects of the backlighting.