Driving west along M54 at dusk/sunset on Tuesday, I saw a very large number of birds flying a line from (slightly south of) west to (slightly north of) east. They were  in skeins and V formations but were definitely not geese. Quite large -  at least as big as a small buzzard or largish gull I would say. Difficult to observe detail as I was driving (!) and going into the setting sun and it was getting darker but they may have been lightish colour underneath with darker wings. Should think I was observing them for about 5 mins, bearing in mind that I was driving west as they were flying east - so seriously large numbers.

Any ideas what they might have been ??    Would be very grateful. Its driving me mad !

Hi Shena,

Not much to go on, I'm afraid!

Based on size and behaviour, the top candidates are: one of a number of species of goose (they're not all the same!), one of a number of species of gull (possibly lesser black-backed or herring gull) or, a large wader (which is likely to be either a godwit or, more likely, curlew).

As the M54 isn't near the coast, I'd plump (if they definitely weren't geese) for lesser black-backed gulls, as there is a large inland colony around the Birmingham conurbation...