Found a spider that has camoflage marks similar to a fishing spider.  A blend of black , browns, grays. Larger that a silver dollar, moved like a tarantuala. It had a dull yellow pattern on it face and abdomen and then a zig zag dull yelow line that connected the head parking to the abdomen marking.  Found in the central part up Upper Peninsula of MI near rocks and open ground, not near water. Very active. It came out from under a rock. Can't find any photos that show the zig zag yellow line marking on any of the wolf or fishing spider photos researched.  Any clues? Did not have a camera so just drew the details in as I watched it.

Hi Debra,

There is a sum total of one arachnologist for this site and I don't know how well he knows the USA spider fauna, so the chances of an identification to species level, particularly without a detailed photo, are probably pretty slim, I'm afraid!

However, he might just pull something out of the bag! ...