I live in Sacramento, CA and just lately have seen dozens of these flies on my front porch especially around the Windows. They are very slow moving. My neighbors don't seem to have same problem. Someone said they may be porch flies but cannot find any pictures. Can you help?

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Hi Candy,

I don't know the American fauna at all but this is a hemipteran bug (i.e. an insect with piercing mouthparts and 'different wings' - a hard and membranous area to the modified forewings, the 'hemelytra'), not a fly at all.

Other than that though, I really don't know enough about the species you have in the States to get to a species. Sorry!

With the same caveat that I am not an expert on Californian insects... I'll take a stab based on the markings/colour at this being a box elder bug (Boisea trivittata). If so then they are quite common (and totally harmless).


Boxelder looks pretty good Al!