Last Saturday , 5july2014, we were in the beer garden of a pub in Offord D'Arcy Cambridgeshire and spotted 2 ducklings? in a small nest in the open umbrella above the table. The nest was not too substantial relying on the umbrella cord and small twigs. Has this been reported before and can you identify the ducklings? from the photo - taken in poor light? Whilst we were there there was no sign of the parents.

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Those look very like pigeons to me. You can compare them with the image on this news article … 103732.stm

I agree it is a very odd place for birds of any kind to be nesting, although I have heard of equally strange nesting behaviour in the past. For example, I remember seeing these thrushes nesting on a traffic light in Leicester … e-26041191

And there's a whole list of other strange nesting sites here, including on a car windscreen!