I live in Nicaragua at 1640 ft on the Mombacho Volcano and run an ecolodge, Mombacho Lodge.  We take the guests for hikes at night to see nocturnal animals, insects etc.  We spoted what looked like a totally white bird that was about raven size but did not look like  an owl.  It was sitting on a branch about 6 feet off the ground in a forest with a huge canopy.  The locals call it a Buo. I cannot find it in the identification books or internet under that name.  Can you help?  Thanks

I wonder if you may have seen a nightjar. They are about that size and although well camoufalged, can be quite pale on the front and would be seen low in the trees and critically are often quite active at night.

There are a number of different species out there but I know they are in the region. Hope this helps.